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Virtual reality nursing at UI

The Nursing Program at the University of Iowa may soon be entering the world of virtual reality.

Theme Semester Courses

Do you have an interest in the Internet and technology? Do you want to take a course that engages with the spring 2017 Theme Semester, Our Lives Online? UI faculty and staff have been able to elect their spring courses to be showcased with Our Lives Online if aspects of their class are compatible with the topic.

Gearing Up for Spring 2017

The spring 2017 Theme Semester, Our Lives Online, about the Internet and technology, is right around the corner. The Theme Semester Planning Committee and staff have been working on a number of activities and opportunities!

Student Ambassadors


Seeing partners to help explore our lives onilne

If you glance at today’s headlines or scan a news website, you quickly get a sense of the issues facing your community, your state, your nation, and the world. It is our role at the University of Iowa to inform students about these issues and engage faculty and staff in research or activities that aim to educate or identify solutions.

Something for Everyone at Iowa City Book Festival

When the Iowa City Book Festival started eight years ago, it was envisioned as a way to say thank you to the many volunteers who a few months earlier had helped the University of Iowa Main Library as the rising Iowa River moved closer to the building.

Volunteers filled sandbags, while others assembled inside, forming a human chain to pass books up from the library’s basement, moving them out of harm’s way. It’s a memory all too clear for Corridor residents as volunteers again help prepare for flood threats along the Cedar River to the north.

Harkin stresses ADA must keep up with technology for disabled

“We’ve come a long way,” Harkin said. “But as new technologies develop, new concepts, we have to be vigilant to make sure that when we build — especially those who build IT platforms — we bring in people with disabilities. Bring them in. Ask them, ‘What would you like to see?’”