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The spring 2017 Theme Semester, Our Lives Online, about the Internet and technology, is right around the corner. The Theme Semester Planning Committee and staff have been working on a number of activities and opportunities!

Student Ambassadors


Student Ambassadors

Left to right: Ricki Talukder, Shiwen Zhou, Liz Morgan, Jade Manternach (course instructor), and Kat Slunecko.

Theme Semester Student Ambassadors have been selected to assist the Theme Semester Planning Committee in creating marquee activities during the spring semester and help engage students in meaningful conversations about the Internet and technology.  


This year’s Student Ambassadors include four undergraduate students: junior Shiwen Zhou majoring in Psychology and Communication Studies; senior Raquib Talukder majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics; junior Liz Morgan majoring in Microbiology and junior Kathryn Slunecko majoring in Communication Studies. 


Students will participate in a Theme Semester Student Ambassador Seminar during the fall and spring semesters where they will learn how to effectively communicate information about the Theme Semester program to faculty, staff, students, and community members.  


Getting Involved 

While the spring 2017 Our Lives Online Theme Semester is a still a few months away there are still ways to get involved during the fall semester. Students are encouraged to view spring courses related to the theme on MyUI and enroll in a class to join the conversation. Courses will be available for viewing on Oct. 24. 


Additionally, campus members are encouraged to explore the Internet and technology by creating their own events and activities. The Provost's Office of Outreach & Engagement is now accepting Theme Semester Supplemental Grant applications from University of Iowa faculty, staff, or students. These grants support Theme Semester community engagement events, activities, research, or educational opportunities. Learn more at and apply before the December 1 deadline.  


Preview Events  

Preview events are being held during the fall to gear up for the spring semester. 


Suki Kim, a New York Times Bestselling author, gave a lecture Oct. 9 about her time as a teacher in North Korea in association with the Iowa City Book Festival and University of Iowa Center for Human Rights’ One Community, One Book,  with support from Theme Semester.  


The next preview event will be at Hancher Auditorium on Oct. 23, and will host some of the former seventh grade students, and their families, that participated in creating the artwork We All Perform, which is on display in the new building. The event is in partnership with Hancher Auditorium, Arts Share, and Theme Semester. 

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