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Makers by Mail

A University of Iowa professor is making technology more accessible to the greater Iowa City community.

Lindsay Mattock, an assistant professor in the Library Information and Sciences department, helped create Makers by Mail, a company that ships out small pieces of technology in “kits” to students who don’t have access to the same resources you would find on a college campus or classroom.

Mission Creek Festival Announces Art + Life + Tech (ALT) Speaker Series

In addition to a diverse 2017 lineup announced this winter including musicians, authors, poets, comedians, chefs, and more, Mission Creek Festival is delighted to share details of this year’s Mission Creek Art + Life + Tech (ALT) speaker series, presented in partnership with the University of Iowa as part of the “Our Lives Online” Theme Semester.

Salazar Stresses High-Tech Future

Salazar, a cofounder of Uber and its one-time CTO, spoke about the technological advancements relating to artificial intelligence, surgery, transportation, education, and strategy.

Connectivity in a Digital World

The majority of people live in a digital world with email, instant messaging, Instagram and other forms of online communication, and when the internet and these technologies make advances, we all consider “our lives online.”

Sparking STEM Interest

In the IMU on Thursday, engineer Associate Dean Tonya Peeples stood in front of a crowd of prosperous young girls, sharing her experience as a female engineer while leading a panel on how she would encourage more women to partake in STEM fields.

4CAST 2017: Our Lives Online Recap

Each January the Campus Academic Strategies and Technology (4CAST) event draws together  UI instructors and support staff to examine how learning technologies can be leveraged to engage students, make connections between instructors and support staff, and identify educational potential in new technology.  In its tenth year, 4CAST focused its two 2017 keynote addresses on topics that served as the launch for the University of Iowa’s Theme Semester, “Our Lives Online."

Internet Clicks with Everyday

Many objects and aspects of daily lives are connected on the internet.

The exhibit about the Internet is part of “Our Lives Online,” which is the University of Iowa’s 2017 “Theme Semester.” The exhibit opened to the public Thursday evening and will run through May 21.